Although we build patio covers year round, the spring and summer are the busiest time of year in this industry.  If you live in a deed-restricted area, your HOA will likely require an approval, which can take time.  Let’s say you were wanting to build a patio cover and have it completed before the end of the summer, before school starts back up.

If you called us TODAY, we could set up a FREE CONSULTATION within the next few business days, depending on your availability.  After our consultation, we will need a few days to draft a detailed proposal and deliver it to you.  If you were to say, “David, let’s get started on the patio”, we would need about a week to get all of the drawings completed, and get your HOA Applications submitted.

Some HOA’s have deadlines each month for when you can submit your HOA applications for the upcoming review.  Architectural Review Committees often have a set date each month that they meet, and if you miss the deadline for submitting, you may have to wait until the FOLLOWING month before submitting.  So let’s assume that we don’t miss the deadline and submit everything on time.  Some HOA’s allow for up to 30 DAYS to reach a decision, and it’s their right to use up all 30 days if they so choose.  Not all HOAs take the full 30 days.  In our experience, most only take a week or two on average.

Based on the average “best-case scenario”, that’s a few days for the consultation (depending on your schedule), up to a week to deliver a proposal (depending on our workload), another week to prepare the drawings and submit the HOA applications, and another two weeks (average) to get an approval from the HOA.  Thats a FULL MONTH before we could break ground on building your structure.   The average build-time on our patio covers is anywhere from 2-4 weeks, depending on whether or not we are pouring concrete with a decorative finish, how much masonry work is involved, and how much detail and custom work is desired.

With that in mind, you could begin enjoying your new patio within a month and a half from the initial consultation.  That’s the most realistic time frame based on our experience for the average length of time that the pre-construction and construction processes can take.   If you take the HOA out of the equation, we have built patio covers from start to finish in less than a week, and have taken up to 6 weeks for some projects, it all depends on several factors.   How much rain and bad weather days we encounter, how much detail work is involved, your availability, how much masonry work is needed, how large and complex the project is, and whether or not there will be an outdoor kitchen built with the patio cover all affect the time of completion.  We will work diligently until the project is complete no matter what the circumstance is, but please keep in mind that when you are dealing with HOA’s, you often will need to account for AT LEAST an extra month of time to complete the pre-construction portion of the project.

The main reason I am writing this Blog is to inform those of you who will need a patio built before a specific date.  A lot of people want their patio built either during the spring before summer hits,  before the end of the summer when school starts back up, before Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years parties, or before a specific date that they will be entertaining guests.  I want you to have all the facts and be well-informed so that you can have a reasonable expectation with regards to time-frames and build-times so that you can plan ahead and not be stressed out or worried about finishing before your deadline.

So DON’T WAIT if you want to have a completed project before the end of the summer, time is running out but there is still time, it’s not too late!    It’s NEVER too late to add a patio cover, we build them year round but as a courtesy we can better serve you by informing you of the reasonable expectations that you deserve.  Just call us and we can discuss your specific needs and work to meet your goals.

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