The Phillips residence was the full package! From a structural upgrade with the covered patio to the full stone flooring treatment on the patio and surrounding the pool, this relaxing retreat is sure to keep the family outside for hours on end.

We added a full outdoor kitchen, complete with bar top tabling and seating. The space transforms at night into a floor lit wonderland, creating a magical ambiance for the space in the evenings.


After the initial consultation, our design included the following upgrades:

  • Covered Patio to match House
  • Outdoor Kitchen with Stove & Ice Chest
  • Masonry Accents
  • Ceiling Fan & Lighting
  • Ceiling Fan & Ceiling Lighting
  • Structural and Floor Lighting
  • Bar top with Seating
  • Pool Masonry

Our guarantees:

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Dedication to Craftsmanship
  • Integrity & Strong Work Ethic
  • Highest Standards in Cost Control
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