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At Magnolia Patio and Pool we support the Kailee Mills Foundation and their mission is to reduce fatality and injury resulting from non-seat belt use through awareness, education, and community involvement. David and his wife, Wendy are not only the creators and operations management team, but the parents of Kailee with an important message to share:

  • Always put on your seat belt—whether you are the driver or a passenger— and make sure everyone is buckled up BEFORE the vehicle is in motion.
  • Talk to your children and CONTINUE talking to them about the importance of wearing a seat belt and what the risks are when you do not wear one.
  • It only takes three seconds to fasten your seat belt. Those three seconds can change your life and the lives of those who know and love you.
  • It takes NO effort to keep your seat belt on. Stay buckled in until your vehicle is safely in park.
  • Drive responsibly. It’s not worth your life or your passenger’s life.​
  • Adults, it is our responsibility to set the example for the youth around us. Buckle up: every trip, every passenger, every mile.​

Please help us celebrate Kailee’s life by joining the #BuckleUp4Kailee movement and DONATING to our seat belt awareness campaign today!

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